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and miles to go before i sleep

mostly an inspiration + art blog but also I like video games, anime, and a lot of other things.
i mostly go by zim but some people call me grim or king so any of those are fine.
because of tumblr's search system, if you need to tag me in a post, you gotta tag it without the hyphen! so instead of tagging it "sir-grimmington", tag it "sir grimmington".

art tag

Jul 22 '14


self portratis by paul zizka in banff national park (see also: victor liu and previous posts of the aurora and milky way)

Jul 21 '14


Client: I threw out that black pen, it was out of ink.

Me: What black pen?

Client: The one that was lying on your tablet.

Me: You threw out my $150 Wacom pen?

Client: I tried writing with it and it didn’t work. It must’ve been out of ink.

Jul 20 '14



Enjoy. :)

heyyyy i animated a shot in this and so did many of my friends! enjoy!

Jul 20 '14


(Source: avale-reves)

Jul 20 '14
  • baby: dd d dde..dd-da
  • dad: daddy? :)
  • baby: desu
  • dad: its a fucking weeb
Jul 20 '14


Hey dudes, you may have seen me talking about going to Otakon, but here is my official announcement that I will be tabling with Del at table R-06!!!!

We’ll both have prints and buttons, and I’ll have zipper bags in a couple different sizes. And the coolest thing of ALL is that the deals we’ll have going on - like buy two prints, get one free - go for both of our work! So come by, say hi, and get some stuff to hang on your walls!!!

This is my first Otakon and I’m PUMPED!!! See you there!!!

Jul 20 '14



tumblr user: CAN *gif* WE *gif* JUST *gif* TALK *gif* ABOUT *gif* THIS *gif* FOR *gif* A *gif* MOMENT *gif* *gif *gif*

me: Chill


I *gif* CAN’T *gif* UNDERSTAND *gif* YOUR *gif* ACCENT *gif*

(Source: doutzenkros)

Jul 20 '14


*pulls up to Sonic Drive-In* HEY *honks la cucuracha horn* YO DOES KNUCKLES WORK HERE

Jul 20 '14



yeah that’s just about it isn’t it

Jul 19 '14




Cbase, a Berlin hackerspace

OP: lifeincolor


oh my god this is like somebody brought some 90s cyberpunk concept art to life and i love it